Emergency Services in Tiruppur

Emergency care is important for all cities. Rescue centers, police protection and medical units should be located close to the city, so that people can easily access them in case of emergencies. Tirupur is a gradually developing district and it has a huge population. Any developing city has to have the facilities that can make its people live\ in peace and comfort.

Police protection in Tirupur

police stations in TirupurSince the crime rate in the southern states of India, has been tremendous in the last couple of years, the police support for people has been increased. There are several police stations in and around the city and strict vigilance is offered by them. Civilians are made aware about the laws and regulations and strict penalties are levied in case people break any laws and rules of the state. A few areas, which had suffered due to lack of police care and their constant negligence, are now offered better protection.

The Tirupur Police Department is taken good care. The department comes under the direct supervision of Assistant Commissioner of Police, Tamil Nadu. Conversely, the Tirpur police department is a well maintained sector. It has special police training programs, Gas service entities, Police Officer stores, community centers and many more amenities.

Tirupur Police Control Room
: +91 - 421 - 2246100
Tirupur Women Police Station: +91 - 421 - 2202351

Fire Services in Tirupur

The Tirupur fire rescue team saves lives during serious fire breakouts, natural calamities, floods and earthquakes. Tirupur fire service is effecient in saving and rescuing lives of people in danger. Conversely, the city celebrates the brave moves of its Fire service men every year! Tiruppur has few fire service training centers for candidates who wish to join the league. These centers train candidates on how to tackle fires and prevent them professionally.

Fire Station-South Office:
+91 - 421 - 242210

Ambulance Services in Tiruppur

Medical care is an efficient field in Tirupur. The place has a large number of proficient ambulance service providers. The ambulances in Tirupur provide prompt service to the citizens of Tirupur and reach out to the people very quickly. All ambulances are equipped with medical facilities like oxygen cylinders and a medical attendant and sometimes even a doctor. Get the complete list of ambulance services in Tirupur right here
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